Sun, 13 Nov 05



Since seven weeks the lives of Bettina and me have changed in a most wonderful way: Our daughter Katinka has been born. We are very happy. This is real life! There are some pictures.

Wed, 03 Aug 05

Read Maven POM Files with Elisp


After a long time in the back burner, here is a new elisp snippet: pom.el enables Java programmers using maven and JDEE for their projects, to compute the JDEE classpath from the maven project.xml file. Download

Wed, 29 Sep. 04

I have been away


from the computer for some time. No updates to this site. But I had good reasons. Reason number one:

I married the love of my life!

My new wife is the wonderful Bettina Arndt. After nine years of relationship a marriage probably won't change much, but it has been marvelous up to now, and I'm sure it will only get better.

For the nosy ones: there is a (German) part of this site, dedicated to our marriage.

Reason number two:

My bike

Would you sit in front of a computer screen if you could sit on this beauty, smell the winds and ride into the sunset?

Since I got it, at the end of June, I already put 7000 km on the meter. It's a great bike, a Suzuki DL 650 V-Strom. I can not recommend it high enough. A very powerful V2 engine, excellent handling and a comfortable riding position, what else do you want?

My wife isn't so enthusiastic about biking but I talked her into doing a small tour through southern Germany and the Alps. We had 3 days of nice weather and three cold and rainy days. Tina was freezing bad, despite her neoprene knee warmers, but I hardly noticed anything in my Goretex clothes. Worth their money :-) See some pictures from the Tour.

New version of jde-gen-extra.el


The new version of my jde-gen-extra.el package features a better and equals and hashCode method generation and some more customization options. The jde-gen-extra.el package can generate equals, hashCode and toString methods for Java objects and contains a wizard for exception classes. Here is a short overview of the new stuff:

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