These are the personal pages of Ole Arndt. You can find some random rumblings on the JournalPage, and the business stuff at the AboutPage.

German Pages

Throughout last year there was a web site in German language at this place. It is still reachable here, but won't get much updates in the future. One page I definitely will keep up to date, is my German CV. Mein Profil und meine Referenzen finden Sie hier.


Before anyone asks: the name Sugarshark developed out of a counterstrike nickname. I thought it had a nice sound to it, so I kept it.

Wiki Wiki, what's that?

These pages were built with Emacs and EmacsWiki:EmacsWikiMode. This means they are written as normal text pages and get transformed to HTML later. Also words written in CamelCase are automatically regarded as links. There is a link to the source file at the bottom of each page.

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